writing your own vows: Scary or sentimental?

October 30, 2011

I know the minute I ask a bride and groom about writing their own vows, there is always an accompanied scared face and a glance towards each other to make sure the their other half isn’t giving the up and down “yes” motion. I am immediately taken back to eighth grade English class reciting Caesar in front of the room with braces and bands and my stomach in knots trying to remember the words. Yes, I understand the fear, but something to think about is writing without actually having to say them.  Let me expand on this.

I was recently at a wedding where the couple listed to the preacher their favorite moments together, how they fell in love and what they were most looking forward to in their future. It was unbelievable to watch their reactions as he read them aloud and you could tell the bride/groom was gushing at the words of sentiment said in their quiet time.

I am not saying you have to come with a ballad ready to go, but if part of you wants a more personal, or a less traditional ceremony, I would give it a second thought. This isn’t an All My Children wedding..this is the two of you. Here a little example to melt your heart on this cold fall day!