Welcome to the Tiger Lily Weddings Team

July 23, 2012









To all Tiger Lily followers,  my name is Andrea Navarro and I am very proud to say that I will be working this summer along side the Tiger Lily Wedding Team.

I am a student at the College of Charleston, aspiring to someday be apart of the wedding planning industry. I am a double major in Art History and Studio Art. After having worked in the home decor department in the design district in Dallas, TX, I learned that I had a special passion for all things vibrant and infatuated with energy. My inspiration comes from all things related to nature, photography, and travel.

I feel that my artistic background will help me continue my pursuit in wedding design and events. So far, Tiger Lily has been a wonderful environment and everyone has made me feel very much at home. I feel that I have found a great new family at Tiger Lily full of inspiring designers and friends. I look forward to continuing my work and learning plenty of new things!