Wedding Planners a Must in Charleston, SC !

July 27, 2020

Do we really need a wedding planner? We get asked often from brides this question, and the short answer is { Yes } { Yes } { Yes }

My venue has a sales person that will help us during planning ~ not true! Their focus is the food and hotel space. What if the band doesn’t show up? What if the transportation hasn’t arrived? The planner would handle all the “other” details that the sales team wouldn’t.

Planning from out of town? Then yes, you should have a LOCAL wedding planner that is familar with the area and vendors. Do not hire a local planner from your home state. They may be amazing, but they wont’ have the local contacts and know the rules and regulations that the city requires for weddings. Each venue has their own set of rules, along with the fire marshall and then of course each vendor !! Whew, that’s a lot to know and be on top of it!!

They are day of, month of, partial planning, full planning, design add on’s, and much more that fits anyone’s budget !

Save yourself a headache and get a planner today!!!