Wedding: Pavel + Kathryn

March 13, 2012

We are well into March and April is fast approaching! This can only mean one thing, wedding season is almost here! This past weekend was the wedding of Pavel Rodriguez + Kathryn Hinchee, at Middleton Plantation! From the ceremony to the reception everything was perfect!

The vintage floral linens added a real since of character and charm to the overall atmosphere of the wedding! Gayla did an excellent job emphasizing the vibrant hues of coral, pinks and ocean blue in all the flower arrangements! Awesome job Gayla!

To make the reception even more distinctive was the arrival of our entertainment, the Havana Sons! The duo is made up of Cuban natives, husband and wife! The two were able to capture the attention of every guest present, allowing each guest to embrace the Havana Sons Cuban roots!

We wish you a world of happiness and love Pavel and Kathryn!