Wedding: Gina + Matt

February 21, 2012

Bride & Groom Name Tag

Gina Mantz and Matt Decker came together in front of their friends and family this past Saturday, February 18th, at the Cotton Docks of Boone Hall Plantation! From personalized place settings and table names to inimitable duck mounts, the ceremony to reception was truly one of a kind.

Now, the forecast planned for rain, but as a sign of good fortune, Gina and Matt said, “I do” under a fair Charleston sky.  Following the ceremony the guests continued the celebrations for Gina and Matt under the shelter of Boone Halls’ antique Cotton Dock.  Even though the rain eventually came, in no way did it stop the gathering of both the Mantz and Decker family.

The wedding revolved around a unique theme of southern hospitality and culture, which I found portrayed an atmosphere of personalized perfection for both Gina and Matt.

We here at Tiger Lily couldn’t have put on such an amazing wedding without the help of everyone here at Tiger Lily! Thanks everyone! And Congratulations Gina and Matt! We wish you a world of happiness, love and devotion!

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