Tussie Mussie

May 6, 2015

As Mother’s day fast approaches, we wanted to showcase a beautiful antique treasure that can be used for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom.

The Tussies Mussies history was a fixture added to a dress at the wrist, or perhaps even waist. It was made up of a small cup, or repousse, attached to a chain with a ring (or fixing to a garment). The cup included a spike or chained spike, upon which a small nosegay of herbs or flowers that would then be secured. It was all done to camouflage the foul smells on the streets, as well as the unsightly body odor. Imagine, they would leave the house on a late afternoon and would fan the nosegay in front of heir nose to masquerade the aromas from the filthy streets. Then they would hop into their horse drawn carriage and off they went.



They were very ornate, English ivory, gold and silver plated, and precious stones.

Absolutely custom, detailed and stunning on their own.  We love the idea of having the mothers carry these detailed tussie mussies as their adornment down the aisle. As nerves are flowing during the wedding process, it a great idea to have them hold onto something. Keep that nervous energy in check and look good while doing it!

Today, you will find a large range of petite holders. Typically in silver with and without the chains.


Recently published in the Charleston Weddings Spring Magazine 2015. Located in the “Say I do” section.