The Last Petal

August 6, 2013

Well the day has arrived just like a rose losing its last petal; falling slowly to the ground beneath our feet. This is my last blog post and Tuesday morning in Tiger Lily as an intern. As I’m sitting at my familiar desk sipping my morning iced coffee I drift off into the past months that consumed my summer at the wonderful shop called Tiger Lily. What a great experience it has been and I can not begin to express my gratitude to the staff that welcomed me with open arms. I have learned a thing or two about flowers and the overall set-up process but most importantly I have learned to always expect the unexpected. Each day was a learning experience and sometimes a simple task that turned into a laughable memory. I will leave this internship with a colorful pallet of flowers, a hidden love of blogging, and numerous memories that feel up an unforgettable summer.

Thank you Tiger Lily for bringing me into the world of flowers and allowing me to bloom into my personal yet crazy beautiful bouquet.

rose petals

Wildflower bouquet