Found Loves: Tea Infused Food

March 12, 2013

1011721_largeHere is something new for 2013: Tea Infused Food! Tea is no longer just for drinking out of cups! Much like coffee, tea is becoming an amazing flavor for things like ice cream, chocolate truffles and other popular recipes. Not only is the taste fabulous, but it is healthy too! You can use tea to make just about anything! There are even cookbooks that are solely made of recipes using tea whether it is chai tea, green tea or just the tea leaves. Tea infused food was named as one of the top upcoming trends for 2013, so of course you do not want to miss out on this awesome opportunity to be one of the first people to haveĀ it served at your wedding! You can have anything from cupcakes, chocolate and cookies to chicken and ham! Tea flavors are extremely versatile so you will definitely be able to find something that will be perfect to serve to your guests. Tea flavors are on the rise and you have to check it out!

Check it out!

Morgan McKoy