Take Me Back To Sweet Summertime

January 13, 2014

Summer air lingers with the aroma of sweet gardenias. Found among most southern gardens, you will find the emerald green waxy leaf plant, filled with gorgeous ivory blossoms.  Gardenia blooms transcends a southern grace of years past.

Add the fragrant beauties to your wedding! Subtle placement is key, due to the abundance of fragrance.

Create a wow factor, lining the beauties next to the escort cards! The guests will enjoy the blooms in the open air space during the cocktail reception (pictured above).

A perfect ivory blossom nestled into the bride’s hair.  Forever in the memory of her southern roots will it be.

gardenias 1


A bloom or two tucked into the head table for the bride and groom to enjoy the lingering aroma. Not only will they enjoy during the reception, but by associating a fragrance to your wedding day, it will always take you back to the happy moment!

gardenias 2