Sweetgrass Baskets and Palmetto Roses

August 12, 2015

Sweetgrass Baskets and Palmetto Roses

If you have ever traveled to South Carolina, or been in the Lowcountry, you have probably seen these little beauties.  Sweetgrass Baskets and The Palmetto Rose! The Palmetto Rose is made from fronds from the South Carolina’s official State Tree~ The Palmetto Tree. No two roses are the same, as each frond has different characteristics and very slightly. An array of fresh green, to dried tan/brown, can be seen, perfect for any color palette.

Tradition holds that during the War Between the States, Southern Ladies would weave Palmetto Fronds into roses to give their True Love as he rode off o war. Pinning it to her Beau’s lapel, she would tell him that the Palmetto Rose, like her love for him, was everlasting.”

These roses are perfect to be incorporated into your wedding décor. Since they are the Ever Lasting Rose, we do not have to worry about them wilting in the summer warm months. That’s a bonus!

A single bloom is perfect for boutonnieres accented with a blossom and greenery. Or a collection of this massed together to create the bouquet.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about preserving it! It’s already been done for you!


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They make an ideal napkin accent or wedding favor, for your guests to take and enjoy! One of my favorite cakes around town, is from Ashley Bakery.  The Sweetgrass cake! They replicate the intrigued weaved pattern on the wedding cake! How cool is that?! It doesn’t even look real, but it is!! Amazing!

The options are really endless for uses ~ how about adding to centerpieces, or creating a tiered effect with all roses accompanied with fresh roses.  Greet guests with a stunning palmetto rose wreath! Re-purpose and place on your front door after the wedding!  How about, hair flowers, buffet pieces, bride and groom chairs, placed in welcome bags, escort card holder,…..I could go on and on…!!!!