Seasonal Blooms: Paperwhite

February 12, 2013

Narcissus or commonly known as Paperwhites.  They are born in bunches and are strong in fragrance. They are delicate star shaped blooms.  Spring bulbs are perfect for any indoor gardener or a bride that wants to take on a project to incorporate these flowers into their wedding.  Remember these are bulb plants, so once they are cut, plant them in your yard.  They will come back year after year.   What a treat to see your wedding flowers come yearly in your own garden! The blooms are perfect in size to tuck into any bouquet or to be used as a boutonniere.  Alternatively, you can use these plants as décor pieces by themselves or clustered together to create a collection. Take a clear vessel or any type of vessel and showcase the growing process. The exposed bulb, roots, and rawness of it all is absolutely gorgeous. Why stop there! Take the bulb itself, and create a vessel out of the bulb! Different, unique, perfect for any garden party event!