Seasonal Blooms: Magnolia

February 12, 2013

What’s more southern than than Magnolia trees? When traveling through the south you see various varieties of magnolia trees lining the highways and back roads of the rural lowcountry. Beautiful glossy green leaves with a soft brown backing. Magnolia leaves are considered greenery.  Greenery is a great way to get a big bang for your buck when needing large focal pieces. Create a base with using the greenery, thus you will in turn need less flowers for your main focals. This works great for buffet pieces, church altar pieces, large raised centerpieces, grand columns, etc.  They are perfect for wrapping rustic chandeliers, creating wreaths, or garlands for any occasion.
Magnolia gains popularity during the holidays. Commonly used by magnolia garlands draping the mantle, swags on the mailbox, and wreaths on the doors to greet guests.  Magnolia is not just for the holidays, it can be used throughout the entire year as accents.  Why limit ourselves with this beautiful southern foliage!
The blooms themselves are fragrant and beautiful in color; however do not last once they are cut. The edges quickly turn brown and wilt.