Seasonal Blooms: Forsythia

February 19, 2013

Yellow Forsythia Blooming Branches are fresh branches that are adorned with abundant bright yellow blooms.  Forsythia is a member of the olive family and its yellow buds add a vibrant splash of color to any room. They are approximately 2-4’ tall, medium to thick woody branches. Create a stunning centerpiece by utilizing masses of branches.  The branches are perfect to altar pieces, arches, chuppahs, or buffet pieces! While one might think of placing “branches” into their bouquet, these star shaped yellow blooms look beautiful in any bouquet. Or perhaps just a single sprig to lay across your napkin, for a pop of color. Why stop at just pops of the branches for the reception, why not incorporate the branches throughout the wedding. Forsythia branches can be used as your wedding symbol.  Sketch or imprint the flowering branch on invitations, menu cards, or escort cards.