Seasonal Bloom: Ranunculus

October 7, 2015


Flirty, whimsical, cuties, that’s what we call Ranunculus.

The playfulness of the sturdy stems just lends itself for a garden style or tucked down deep into the

piece to create a formal effect. The bloom itself has been compared to garden roses, that have double

the petal count as a a regular rose, and a peony. Peonies are about the size of a grapefruit. Sadly, the

ranunculus, while have a large petal count, are only about the size of a quarter. The layers and layers of

thin petals are available in bright and vibrant, and subtle pastels.


When trying to incorporate them into wedding pieces, they work best for brides and bridesmaids bouquets. Since the

bloom itself is small, it will take abundance to create one bouquet. Or most commonly used as accents in bouquets.

Design tip: keep them in smaller pieces, they will get lost in large arrangements and won’t be seen from a distance.ranucsize

Here you can see the size difference n a ranunculus vs a garden rose.


Tucked flushed with a bed of flowers blends into the bouquet beautifully, with adding a slight texture.


Ranunculus is perfect for using in personal flowers, and is different from the typical rose. Such as wrist

corsages or pin on corsages. Because of the size, they make perfect boutonnieres for the gentlemen.

Here they are paired with dusty miller backing, along with a shot gun shell!