Our New Found Love: Alena Fede

February 12, 2014

Discovering different bridal designers is one of the joys of being involved in the overflowing Charleston wedding scene. And this new found love of ours is too good not to share. Alena Fede (see her website is a couture fashion and wedding dress designer and manufacturer. Her studio on Broad Street, pictured below, exudes a fresh clean style with high that every bride would dream of visiting to find their perfect dress.

 A.F. Studio

Alena Fede creates ready to wear designs as well as custom designs for people that are looking for their dream wedding dress. Her classic elegance of her work is unmatched and we love everything about this designer/manufacturer.  She even hand sews her designs, what can’t this woman do?! Alena explains how the city of Charleston is a strong inspiration source, “My fashion is defined by the streets, the color, the vibe of the people who live here, it’s inspired by the mash-up of cultures.”

Alena Fede Fashion represents classic elegance and understated, timeless beauty. She makes her designs easy to wear, but still incorporates a chic and sophisticated element that stands apart from other designers. Alena describes her work as, “…A modernist, but I always go to the past for research. I need to know what came before so I can break the rules and make something different and elegant.”

“When I see that look of confidence on my client’s face…
that’s when I know it’s the right dress–
if she feels comfortable and confident,
she will look and feel beautiful.” ~Alena Fede

Contact Alena Fede:

Email: Phone: 347.740.6825 Website:

A.F. Photo Shoot

A.F. Photo Shoot 2

A.F. Real Wedding