March 18, 2015


There’s no stopping the awesomeness that orchids can provide to any wedding or event. The varieties alone seem to be endless.  We love working with cymbidium orchids, for the presence and substance they contribute to any arrangement. Long thin beauties with petite delicate bloom make the dendrobium orchids distinguish.  Rarely seen, colorful offerings, the mokara orchid. Perfect for an exotic piece.  Or how about the crème de le crème, the show stopper, the stunning phalaenopsis with it’s draping effect.


Orchid dendrobium garlands hung from the trees to create a one of a kind ceremony backdrop at Lowndes Grove, Charleston SC.

Thinking the cascade bouquet style for your wedding? How about this beautiful slightly cascade bouquet. Featuring blush phalaenopsis orchids, among garden roses, sweet peas, and spray roses.

weddingpic 030

weddingpic 029

Cymbidium orchids submerged inside a clear glass vessel to create a focal piece. Cluster three vases to create a simple yet intriguing buffet accent.9f531403280397indianinspired (14)

We love orchid garlands! Each orchid is individual hand sewn to create this unique garland.  This wedding wanted a Indian hints throughout their day. We created garland with dendrobium orchids and spray roses. Mokara orchids and dendrobium orchids blended together, beautifully vibrant.

hibernianhall (5) william

Create a main focal piece for your reception. Sprawling lavender dendrobium orchids, amarnathus trailing and rose accents create this ensemble.

Glass vessels layered at various heights, offering a floating effect, create a beautiful backdrop for the wedding vows. Vibrant mokara orchids, apple green cymbidium orchids are among this cast.