Ombre Aisle Petals

February 3, 2016

Blog: Rose Petals For The Aisle

Have you been thinking of ways to dress up the ceremony location without adding abundance of costs that may be associated with an arch or arbor. What about a runner? Cloth / Fabric runners, if they are not secured properly, create a tripping hazard. We recommend Rose Petals!

Rose petals for the aisle are custom based on your colors and unique style.  Dusting of an ivory and white mix, is heavenly. Or jazz it up with an Ombre effect.  Or get really creative and create a detailed geometric or damask design!  Just remember the wind will still be out, so the design may not stay 100% where it should.


Sometimes we get asked, “ if you have any leftover roses, can we use them for the aisle?” The answer is no! Don’t let the petals down the aisle, look like an afterthought or bruised blooms.  We plan on ahead and order the petals to ensure we have the perfect color and that everyone petal, unique as they are, are of premium quality.












Here is how we created the ombre aisle runner. First, order various shades from stark white, creamy ivory, blush pink, dusty pinky-lavender, bubble gum light pink and a hot vibrant pink. We take each beautiful perfect rose, and pop the flower heads off. Keeping just the inside petals, and discarding the outer guard petals. Keep each color separated in their individual bags. That way you define the separations to achieve the Ombre effect!

Result is a striking beautiful studded aisle that stands out above any other!



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