New England Girl Goes South

January 30, 2019

Hi guys! My name is Jordan Morrissey and I am the newest Tiger Lily Wedding intern. I am a second semester senior at the University of New Hampshire. I am spending my last semester of college down here in Chucktown and I could not be more excited! I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor degree in Program and Event Management with an emphasis in Marketing/Communications.

Ever since I was old enough to host any type of party I would jump at the chance. Whether it be a friends birthday, a graduation party or, a family gathering I was dead center of putting the event together. I love planning and I love designing the set up. As a middle child of five, the other four being all boys I have had numerous opportunities to plan and host parties. My ultimate goal in life is to eventually open up my own small event planning & design business. I can’t wait to see what great opportunities Tiger Lily has to offer.

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Edgartown, MV
East Chop, MV