Little Ladies

May 31, 2012



No bride wants to be upstaged on her wedding day. So when considering having flower girls, here are a few things to think about –

Flower girls are typically 2-7 years old, all dolled up in their mini bridal dress and Sunday-best shoes. Their playful girlish grins and the twinkle in their eyes will melt your heart as they start walking down the aisle! Some will experience unexpected stage fright, but no worries; they will make it down the aisle. Rose petals sprinkled down the aisle as the flower girl walks will leave a wake of color down the aisle for the bride to enjoy. Here’s a tip – sprinkle petals ahead of time, in case the flower girl doesn’t sprinkle them evenly. Halos are another great option for the little ladies to wear and are perfect for a garden inspired wedding. Kissing balls are a good alternative for the slightly older flower
girl, who has already done the “tossing of the petals.”