Good Luck or Too Much

June 25, 2013

Moving towards a new era the wedding industry has added much more sparkle and alittle less lace. Brides are becoming more creative and open minded about their special day and slowly creating a gap between new and old. Past generations were glued to tradition and simplicity. Now, brides want to out shine the weddings in the past. Creating new traditions and over the top events to be the talk of the town. One wedding tradition that is taking a turn is the bouquet toss. The custom of the bouquet toss is that all the single women take the dance floor, and the one who catches the bouquet will be the next bride. This tradition grew from the 14th century European idea that brides and all that they touched were lucky. The European women took this myth to extreme and tried to rip fabric from the brides wedding dress; in hopes of taking home a good-luck charm. To ensure safety to the bride and her dress the bouquet toss was born. The hopeless romantics in our world still believe in this tradition, but some brides want to add their own sparkle. One idea is to give the bouquet to a special friend or relative who has been supportive through the whole wedding experience. Another popular idea is to give the bouquet to someone who was just recently engaged for good luck. A new upcoming idea is the Anniversary Dance. All the married couples take the dance floor and the DJ slowly starts eliminating couples based on how long they have been married. The last couple on the dance floor goes to the couple that has been married the longest. This is a great way to show acknowledgement to the couple that has experienced many years of love, happiness, and commitment.

Sometimes alittle twist can add a much needed spin to a wedding.