Get Creative with your Fans!

February 10, 2016

If you have previously attended an outdoor spring or summer wedding, you may have been given a fan to help keep you cool from the overwhelming heat during the ceremony. Today I want to focus on the woven fans specifically because there are so many fun ways to incorporate them into your wedding. Woven fans are a wonderful base to add some color and style to a number of different items,from your seating to your programs.You can use them as your chance to get a little creative! Here are just a few creative ways you can incorporate them.


First, we chose some nice vibrant flowers just to add something to the classic woven fan and placed it on different parts of the chair. You can see here that something so simple can make all the difference.

IMG_1887 (1)IMG_1889 (1)IMG_1886 (1)



Another fun way to use these woven fans is to use them as the base for your wedding program. You can get very creative with them and match the color of your program to a ribbon or even some more flowers.


If you are just looking to use the fans in a traditional way, you can always outline the fan to match your wedding color scheme. This way your guests will leave with a nice little take away from your special day.


These are only a few ways you can transform such a simple prop. however, the great thing about these fans are that you can always change it up and create something more catered to your taste. So get creative!

By: Jessica Kosmicki