Fun Ways To Incorporate Teal/ Aqua to your Wedding!

June 1, 2016

Teal Blog Ideas


Incorporating teal into a wedding is not as hard as one may think.
In the flower world, a teal flower does not exist. However, we have ways to include your color in subtle ways to achieve your vision. First, what color are the bridesmaids’ dresses? This is a great way to introduce the color naturally. Then let’s have the flowers be in your accent color. Perhaps a pop of fushias, hot pinks, greens, or subtle blush, ivory family can be used for the bouquet.


Bouquet Wrap: Since the teal flower options are not available. Let’s spruce up your beautiful bouquet with a detailed ribbon wrap. Include a vintage broach or monogram lettering. Silk, velvet, grosgrain teal ribbon will be the final detailed in your stunning bouquet.



Playful accents of the brides shoes and groom socks in a teal family. Striped bowties or neck ties really make the men look sharp.


How awesome are these ladies? Fall wedding, how about these gorgeous pashmina’s for your bridesmaids? It definitely brings out the dark teal hue in the silver dollar eucalyptus greenery. What a beautiful keepsake for all your attendants.



Containers and Linens are another way to make the event one of a kind. Mix and match votive holders, vintage ball mason jars, custom geometric linens for the cocktail tables. Or custom pillows for the lounge seating area. Menu cards with a teal writing or backing. Honestly, there are so many ways to bring it all together, without making it matchy, matchy and over the top! Classic and Beautiful, just like you is what we like to create!