Flowers you never heard of but want to know!

February 21, 2018
air plant bouquet


Hellebore –These buttercup-like flowers are sweet and so pretty! They come in tons of colors, and even in patterns (like speckles and swirls on the petals). Since they bloom winter through spring, hellebore is perfect for winter weddings.

Ranunculus –full petal count, little cuties! Color options are endless, from solids to two tones, to speckled!  The head is about the size of a fifty cent, perfect for bouquets and personal flowers!

air plant bouquet

Air plants Air plants are so distinctive and special! Since they provide a hint of the desert, they can be a creative alternative to succulents, and their dusty gray green coloration is a great neutral to pair with brighter colors. So many shapes and sizes to fit bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres.

pepper berry bouquet

Pepperberry  –Cascading pink berries with gorgeous dainty greenery! To be honest, we are kind of obsessed with the greenery alone! The berries are great too, but the greenery, is so unique! Boho, organic flowy bouquets with mixed greenery, the hanging pepper berry adds.

astilbe bouquet

Astilbe –Linear fluffy accent flower!  Limited colors, but look how awesome they are! Beautifully when tucked into a bouquet, or stand alone. It can hold its own!  Blush, White, Burgundy, and Pink.

Berzillia Berries – If you like textures, these micro berries are the perfect accent. Light green hue is light in color to stand out amongst the dark greenery.  We are texture obsessed these days!

Carnations – Not just any carnation, but the antique carnations! The colors are stunning! Don’t want pink, or blush, but needing something in between, carnations is the way to go!  Green, mauve, antique, bi-color! We love seeing it incorporated with several other varieties of blooms. These will soon become one of your favorites, trust me!