Floral Crown

May 10, 2016





Flower Crown ~ Floral Halo ~ Head Wreath:
We all love the beautiful flower crowns that have popped up all over the wedding scene, the last few years! Wow not share the love and show you how to make them? Or better yet, have a girls night and make them with your best gals! Why just wear them for a wedding?! No Way!! We say, wear them when ever you want, be fabulous you!

Supplies are basic: wire cutter, floral clippers, floral tape, floral glue (not pictured) floral wire and grapevine wire or curly willow branches.

Create the crown itself ~ either with the floral wire or taking the grapevine wire and size it to fit your head. Or if you are really feeling adventurous, take fresh curly willow branches and bend them to create the crown. Secure into place with the grapevine wire to blend in. Now that you have your shape form, its’ time to select the flowers and design!
Start with greenery, we like Italian ruscus, as its hardy and will hold up well without water. Snip just a small piece off and secure onto the crown with the floral tape. The floral tape, pulled tightly will stick to itself and secure the greenery into place. Then start layering your flowers and greenery. Keeping the bottom of each stem taped securely with the floral tape, to seal in the moisture from the flower. Do not leave the stem exposed. Continue on as desired design effect. Perhaps a flower side cluster, or flowers all around, or randomly throughout, it’s your design, ENJOY!




Lets be honest, there are sooo many ways you can make a flower crown. If you have limited time and want to speed up the process, try the floral glue. Create your floral crown with greenery or the branches will work too, you will need to have a solid structure to adhere the flowers. Then cut the blooms, almost flush, removing all stem and greenery and simply add a dot of glue to the flower. Place and hold into the greenery for approx. 30 seconds to allow the glue to set. The glue acts as the flower tape, seals the moisture in, and secures it to the crown. Make sure you spritz with water, and keep in a cool dark space until you are ready to enjoy that evening!
It’s awesome to see the creativeness and uniqueness that each of your friends will design with the same flowers ! Check out how awesome these crowns turned out, these ladies rocked!




12Photographer: Sean Money and Elizabeth Faye

Styled Shoot:

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