Flexible Feathers

October 31, 2012

                                                                                                A week or so ago we did a wedding that had these gorgeous, dramatic feather arrangements. They were so unique and creative and I was surprised I hadn’t seen more of them. Then this past weekend I went to a wedding and was so excited to see little feathers tucked into the bouquets! Seeing these feathers made me think that this was something that needed to be shared. The great thing about feathers is you can make them the center of your wedding or they can just add a little more to your theme. Typically when you think of a decorative feather a peacock or huge, fluffy feathers come to mind. Don’t get me wrong Peacock feathers are beautiful and you can use them in moderation to add a fun, dramatic aspect to your wedding. But there are so sooo many different kinds of feathers! Think of all the birds! I am sure you can find a feather that could perfectly fix in with the look you’re   going for. I have a few images of different ways feathers can be used.