Finding Your Style

July 11, 2012

Many brides will know exactly what they have envisioned for their wedding day. There are a few, however, that will have no idea where to start! If you’re one of the latter, the idea of putting together a wedding can be daunting.

A few things to consider when figuring out what you’re going for –

1. What are you like? A wedding is typically a reflection of the couple themselves. Your guests will already know what kind of people you and your fiance are. For instance, if you’re whimsical, you might go with a similar theme. If you’re both jokesters, maybe a little humor with a fun photo booth. If you’re artsy, maybe a DIY-inspired wedding. And the list goes on…

2. Start a pinboard (on a site like Pinterest or an actual physical bulletin board). Things that attract you don’t have to be wedding related, just cut something out of a magazine that catches your eye and save it along with other inspiration. Do this every so often and soon enough you’ll have a collection of beautiful things that have inspired you to get started!

3. It’s ok to have help! Your friends and family are usually more excited than you know to help ease the burden of organizing a wedding, so lean on them for assistance and reassurance. Having a wedding coordinator/planner will also save you some sanity.

4. Have fun. Don’t feel pressured to make it a huge deal if you don’t want it to be – this is about you and your fiance, and your families. It doesn’t need to be a big show. A wedding is about sharing your love with friends and loved ones.


Hope this helps…cheers!