Family Items

March 11, 2015


A wedding is one of the most special days in a couple’s life together. Where you come from, the family, the friends, the journey, all got you here to this special day. Because of this, every detail should be uniquely you. Incorporate sentimental touches throughout the entire day.

Did your mom preserve her wedding dress? If there’s no chance that you or a sibling would ever wear it, ask if you can add a sentimental touch to your bouquet by wrapping a piece of her gown around the stems. Odds are that if she’s kept it for so long, she’d be honored to have you use it in your wedding, even if you aren’t wearing it.

What about carrying the family rosary beads? I just think that is so precious.. grandma had these rosary beads pleased by the Pope in Rome, and now every lady in the family has carried them down the aisle with her on her special day. That’s so beautiful.

Remember playing in your mothers jewelry as a kid?  Add one of these pieces into any bouquet. Does your father have a nickname for you? This bride’s nickname was squirrel and was given this pin from her father when she was in grade school, how adorable!

For those that are no longer with us, or can’t make the long trip, what about having a locket of their picture on the handle of the bouquet. That way they too are included in the big day.



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It all doesn’t have to be about the bouquet. How about large décor pieces that have been in the family for years? Like these antique silver candelabras. The family provided all the candles, mix and match silver and mercury glass pieces that they had collected over the years.Martin_Lauck_Jennings_King_Photography_5012StephanieAndAndrew_lowtussie

Or do you and your finance love to go antiquing? Incorporating one of kind vintage pieces truly creates a one of a kind wedding for all to remember. This bride and her finance found these beautiful perfume mirrors and used them as serving trays and as centerpieces.

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Create a space for those who are no longer with us. Memory table of all the family members that are deceased is a beautiful tribute idea. Or gather the immediate family members wedding photos and display them. “Just because two people fell in love.”Martin_Lauck_Jennings_King_Photography_5148StephanieAndAndrew_low