DIY: Peony Garland

April 5, 2017

How to create a floral garland

We used a collection of peach garden roses, coral charm peonies, peach stock, isle spray roses, and ranunculus. The base of the structure was comprised of various hardy greenery. Bay laurel, flat fern, silver dollar eucalyptus, and willow eucalyptus.

First, we started with a spool of green wire. Precut the greenery in approx. 8-12” sections and started wrapping the wire around the greenery to create the garland.

peony garland

Then we used the Oasis floral adhesive and started gluing clusters of blooms into the garland we just made. Spread the love, large blooms should be placed throughout, then filled in with the smaller blooms.

We created several garlands for this particular wedding. We create a main garland for the head table. Another for the large mantle with gold lanterns as accents.  Of course, the entrance sign needed one too! And finally, the bride & groom chairs. We could have kept going ~ once we start, it’s hard to stop!!

garland peony

garland peony charleston