Design Time: Guest Book Alternatives

October 8, 2014

It is so fun takingĀ a traditional element of a wedding such as the guest book and reinventing it in a new creative way! It is always great to have a book filled with your loved ones signatures and messages as a memory to hold but with new inventive ideas, you can keep that memory as more than just a book that gets put away on a shelf! Here are some neat ideas:

A collaboration painting by all of your guests! Each writing their name with a picture representing his and her’s love story.

Something nice to look forward to with a time capsule filled heartfelt or goofy postcards left by all your guests!

Create a photo book with a Polaroid camera so your guests can capture the moment and write a message to accompany it!

A personalized quilt signed by all your loved ones at your wedding is an innovative way and will always keep you warm!