Design Time: Chevron

March 14, 2013

blogpost5pict1Chevron is popping up all over the wedding websites and magazines. Chevron is the new hot thing in design for the home, clothing, accessories, and weddings. It is a zig zag pattern that comes in many different widths and colors. Brides are embracing this fad in many different ways when it comes to their weddings. Chevron is showing up on wedding cakes, bridesmaids dresses, table linens, invitations, napkins, and save the date cards. Chevron gives a chic stylish feel to anything and brides are loving it. Chevron on a table runner can add a pop of design on a solid white table cloth. It can be subtle like a gray or light blue chevron design or it could be bright pink or green. Chevron can be what ever you want it to be.


Skinny chevron lines are a lot different than thick chevron lines. Smaller lines are less bold than the big thick lines. Save the date cards can be fun and playful so that is a great spot to use the chevron design. Wedding cakes are another place to add chevron. A wedding cake that was on Pinterest was a three layer white cake with a light blue lining on the top and bottom layers. The middle layer was white with gold chevron around it. Chevron napkins can add a pop of color on a simple place setting. The napkins can be on plain plates or the chevron could be used as a menu card on top of the plates. If there are couches and sitting areas, the couches could be tan or white with a chevron pillow to spice it up. Everyone loves a good party favor! Nice koozies with a chevron pattern and a catchy phrase could be a huge hit. Matchboxes, cookies, candy bags, chocolate treats could all be decorated with the chevron pattern. Chevron has endless possibilities when it comes to weddings and events. You can never go wrong with a great chevron pattern. It’s perfect because it is a pattern that can be personalized to fit your exact taste whether it is the color or thickness. It always looks great!