Dare to Go Naked?

October 9, 2012


Would you dare to present your guests with a naked wedding cake? According to Bride de Force this has become a popular new trend within the wedding business! Although its rather untraditional and appears to look unfinished, it is pretty typical in other countries. In France their wedding cakes are tall towers of stacked creampuffs, called croquembouche cakes! In Norwegia, wedding cakes are made with chocolate eclairs. This is what is called a Kransekake, the cake appears like a delicious stack of  pancakes drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled in powdered sugar! Yum.

So, no matter what you choose to have on your wedding day, don’t ever feel uncertain. Also, sometimes typical crisp white fondant can sometimes be overbearing and take away from the taste of a really scrumptious wedding cake.

Take a look at Home Cooking’s post on The Homemade Wedding Cakes too. We love the contrast of colors on the chocolate cake with the fresh figs, its absolutely beautiful and ideal for a fall backyard wedding.