Found Loves: Cupcake Pod

February 26, 2013

Now this is a fun, interactive experience for your guests! What is better than a cupcake dispenser that is 6 feet 6 inches tall!? The Cupcake Pod by Baked by Melissa is a giant cupcake dispenser that looks like a large gumball machine! You can rent the cupcake pod for your event. It has a 1,000 cupcake minimum and you can get standard or custom cupcakes. Renters also receive an iPad stand, tokens for the machine, and a recycling bin. Also included in your rental is a Baked by Melissa employee to be on hand throughout your entire event. The price of the Cupcake Pod also includes pick-up and delivery. This is an awesome and creative way to keep your guests entertained. Who wouldn’t love to play around with a giant cupcake machine?  If you want to know more check out!

Morgan McKoy