Capturing the Moment

May 30, 2013

A new popular photograph that has been requested by brides is the “First Look” picture. This picture captures the expression on the grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time. Although this is a moment worth snapping a picture; many brides are still set on tradition. The type of tradition, where on the wedding day the bride walks down the aisle in her long white dress, making eye contact with her groom for the first time. A tradition passed down from generations; warning the brides that if her groom sees her before the ceremony “bad luck” will swarm the couples promise of “til death do us part”. These pictures speak for themselves, and the brides now have the choice of sticking to tradition or bending the rules for a picture that is forever treasured. In the year of 2013 brides are adding some sparkle to “bad luck”. Years of bad luck or simply a penny turned heads up?