October 10, 2012

I’m sure many of you have heard of “cool” colors; blues, lavenders and greens are some of the typical ones. As you plan your color scheme for your winter wedding keep in mind there is a reason they’re called “cool”. When we are surrounded by cool colors they make us feel colder. So the last thing you need on a cold, winter day is to emphasize the chilly weather and have your guests thinking they’re cold even if you’ve got the heat cranking! Instead use “warm” colors; warm colors are orange, yellow, brown or red based. Doesn’t just reading those make you feel warmer already?? Don’t get upset if you already have your whole winter wedding planned in shades of purples and blues just add a pop of a warm color and your wedding will have a much cozier and welcoming feel. Compare the picture on the left with the one on the right and see if you can’t feel the difference. The grey and yellow is a great combo.