Bridesmaids: how many is too many?

August 30, 2011

As a planner I hear ranges in numbers from 2- 20 for bridesmaids and my brides give the proper amount of concern with the larger numbers in trying to figure out where all these important ladies go…which begs the question on what is the best number?

The truth is I have seen it done well both ways. I was in my sisters wedding with just myself and his sister in the party which worked out great for her bold choice in bridesmaids dresses. I have also seen a 19 girl- bridal party with 14 being bridesmaids and 5 in the house party. This particular wedding, each of the girls went down the aisle but sat for the ceremony in the first row with just her three sisters standing at the alter with her. Average wedding size for bridesmaids is between 6-8 girls, so somewhere between these two extremes.

I think when it comes to the girls with a larger group of friends, your options are to have just immediate family to avoid hurt feelings or opt for some of them to sit.

Girls with a smaller group, there is something so elegant about the simplicity of a small bridal party and if you can do it, go for it.

In my opinion ┬ámore than 20 of any girl in the same outfit is a small sorority so that might be over kill and take away from the beauty of the bride, but past that, it’s in the eye of beholder!