Boutonniere style:

June 13, 2018

Bride obsess about the perfect dress, the shoes, the shade of pink flower, but sometimes forget about her man. Can’t forget the groom’s style is just as important.

Once the tailored custom suit or a tux rental is decided upon, it’s now time for a floral detail to be added. We always like to coordinate back to the bride to ensure they happy couple is cohesive in photos.   After the bride’s flowers are chosen, we have to find a way to hide the mechanics and dress up the boutonniere.

We’ve collected some of our favorite wraps.  Full wrap of contrasting velvet ribbon for added texture and softness to the ensemble. Or satin ribbon to simply blend into the suit and allow the flowers to stand out.


Need to add extra flair to the ensemble? Stripe ribbon is striking against the solid suits. Sometimes you don’t need a shiny satin ribbon, and grosgrain with a ribbed effect is the perfect match in flat.

Hand dyed silk ribbons or fabric swatches are another beautiful detail that adds so much to these little cuties! Adding flow and movement, without being too cumbersome.

Honorable mentionable, wraps with organic Spanish moss or peat moss for the outdoorsman. Twine, natural jute for the couple getting married outdoors.