Bouquet Alternatives

May 3, 2017

Alternative options for bridesmaids to carry down the aisle. There’s so many reasons why brides decide to go with an alternative bouquet option for the bridesmaids. Whether it’s a limited budget for their large bridal party, or they are just not a fan of flowers, in general. We’ve collected a few of our favorite alternative bridesmaid bouquet options.

Give the gift of a clutch! Each bridesmaid receives a clutch as their gift for being in the wedding. Then dress it up with a petite collection of beautiful blooms to coordinate with the bride’s bouquet. This way, they can enjoy the clutch for years to come and always remember their bestie wedding day!

How adorable are these? Lanterns adorned with flowers and ribbons throughout the lantern. Repurpose these cuties at the reception. Lounge, Bar, Cocktail tables, the options are endless!

 We all know I’m a fan of the “Love Scarf”. Hand woven Italian Ruscus creates a beautiful scarf effect. Sometimes the simplicity of it, is all you need.

Perhaps a few of the bridesmaids will be doing readings during the ceremony. Opt for a wrist corsage instead. Dainty and precious or full and lavish, possibilities are endless.

Ok, you want something different for the bridesmaids, and you want them to hold something. What about a wreath? Picture perfect for winter weddings! Rustic grapevine wreath studded with seasonal greenery and coordinating blooms. Spring wedding, how about a collection of fresh eucalyptus? We just love how the wreaths give the girls something to do with their hands, while adding a twist!

Floral wear ~ obsession alert! They sure do make a statement! Floral necklaces are absolutely stunning!

Classic and southern, delicate fans adorned with a petite cluster of garden roses. Or perhaps no flowers at all, by utilizing paper pinwheels! So much fun, whichever way ya’ll decide to go for your bridesmaid bouquet alternative!

Written by Gayla Harvey