Behind the Scenes: Making Elephant Decor/ Final looks

April 6, 2016

When the bride and groom came in and showed us their invitations, we knew we had to incoporate the symbol into the wedding some how!


It can’t be over the top, but somewhere, somehow, we need the elephants!
Working closely with the wedding planners, Mac & B, we decided two elephants to greet the guests as they walked down the aisle would be just the ticket!
Sam was the mastermind and sculpted the tiny elle’s! Starting from rolls of chicken wire, she cut and bended to the right shape and size. We also had a challenge of making sure they didn’t tip over once out at the ceremony location. This was being held at Wild Dunes on the golf course, ocean front. Wind was a factor to be considered. We eleected to create “boots” for the tiny elle’s to wear. Filled with plaster for extra weight and durablity. Once this was done, she began the layering of newspapers. Paper maching takes time and lots of patience. Don’t give up, it can be done!



Next the team added rolls and rolls of green sheet moss to cover every piece of the newspaper on the sculpture and the boots. Once the moss was hot glued and secured firmly in place, we could finally add some bling to it! Each spray rose was hand glued to the forehead. The blanket that was worn on its back, was made of satin ribbon, adorned with hand glued swirled green kermit buttons. Finished with gold roping and gold tassels to complete the project!

After the ceremony it was moved to the reception to greet guests as they entered into the ballroom for an evening of dancing and entertainment with all their loved ones!
That was a fun project, we love customizing couples wedding, with unique sculptures, or floral pieces!