Beauty in the City

June 20, 2013

Last week I got my first opportunity with set up for a party at Lowndes Grove Plantation. Not only was this my first time being involved with the actual set up of an  event but it was also my first time at this beautiful location. The atmosphere was almost like a scene from a movie. Pulling up to the plantation you are greeted with iron gates and massive oaks that pour over the grand lawn in-front of the estate. Once arriving through the gates onto the gravel pathway you recognize the breathtaking view of the Ashley River and the peacefulness calming down the chaos that piggy backs reality.  Never would I of guessed that such a place existed in the mist of the city of Charleston. Once we parked we began the unloading process. Our van consisted of many lanterns accompanied with white candles, and our mason jar creations with assortments of colorful summertime flowers. I was in charge of wiping down the glass on the lanterns, placing two flower arrangements per table, and setting up candles on each table.  The Charleston humidity took control of my hair and my makeup, and I quickly became aware that I chose the wrong outfit that day.  I am pleased to have completed my first set up and now I am prepared for my next set up experience. I will bring a ponytail for my lion king hair, a sweat resistance shirt for the Charleston weather, comfortable shoes for the gravel pathways, and a notepad for jotting down my future weddings ideas. I hope for my dads sake that he started my wedding account when I was born. My wedding bells are ringing at the Lowndes Grove Plantation.