Around Town: St. Luke’s Chapel

March 26, 2013

St. Luke’s Chapel is a beautiful historic nondenominational church located in the heart off Charleston. The Chapel belongs to the Medical University of South Carolina but is available to the public as well. The Chapel accommodates up to 265 guests, making it the perfect venue for any wedding. The venue also offers a list of ministers and musicians associated with the Medical University Pastoral Care office. Prices for the venue vary upon the relationship of the bride, groom or parents to the University. If you want to know more, check out their website, it is full of information and pictures!


A week or two ago I had the privilege of helping with the set up of a wedding ceremony at St. Luke’s Chapel. The interior is beautiful; consisting of stunning stained glass windows and a pipe organ that was designed specifically for the Chapel. However, my favorite part were the doors. the set of two small white doors are located on the side of the Chapel and are used as an entrance for guests. Instead of entering from the back of the Chapel, guests entered from the side. I loved going from the simplicity of the outside of the chapel, thru the garden and into the details that make up the beautiful interior. Your guests will love what they see hiding behind those little white doors!

Morgan Mckoy