Anchor or Sail Away

June 4, 2013

The sound of the waves crashing into the shore, sand between your toes, and the taste of salt soaking into your lips; are you a bride that wants to sail away to a destination wedding? This is not a ceremony for every bride, it has become a mixture between a traditional wedding and elopement.  Many brides see a destination wedding as a chance to enjoy the wedding process without the overwhelming stress that comes with planning. But like any choice we face in life there are the pros and cons to a decision.




  • Most destination weddings are affordable because they typically take place at a resort. These resorts often specialize in these events and offer all-inclusive packages for the brides.


Guest List

  • A small guest list means you do not have to get consumed with the invitation process. Knowing that it is a destination wedding means many guests will not be able to come. Fewer people equals fewer worries. 



  • Once your ceremony is over you and your husband get a head start on your honeymoon. No worrying about flights or packing because you are already at your destination. Let the romance begin. 




Not affordable for guests

  • Yes, the actual event is going to be more affordable for the bride but the guests still have to worry about their expenses. Plane tickets and hotel fees come into play when your guests are traveling to the tropics for your big day.


Hurt Feelings

  • If you have a big family and many high school “best friends” then a destination wedding will be difficult to pick who made the cut. You have to limit the number of guests which often times hurts the ones you love even if it is your 4th cousin.


The Parents

  • Yes, you get that head start on your honeymoon but so do your parents. If they are flying across the globe to a beautiful beach side destination they are going to want to stay a few extra days. You can not put a time limit on paradise. Cheers to a few more days with the parents….or in laws.