An Unexpected Smile

July 30, 2013

Thursday, often the day that people love or hate. This is the day that falls right before Friday, and becomes the day that blinds our eyes until the weekend. I tend to take on the optimism that spreads into the morning of a Thursday. But this week I was feeling needy and found myself desperately awaiting the clock to strike 5 o’clock. For once I saw the clock hit 5 I knew my weekend was in full swing. A weekend full of relaxation and over swiping my credit card for not my needs but my wants.

After adding some finishing touches to the website and my past posts I was issued a grocery list. Anything that involved a list made me feel comfortable. For I carry the trait of a perfectionist and have slight OCD tendencies. Gayla wanted me to spruce up our inventory for our customers and add some refreshing treats to our office. As long as I had that list in my hand I knew I could accomplish this errand. Arriving at the grocery store I was slowly moving through the overwhelming aisles making sure I crossed off every item on my list. When I arrived in-front of endless options of soda I took a couple seconds to scan the shelves to find the specific request of my boss. Before I reached for my item of choice I felt a slight pull on my sundress and a quite voice say ” you look pretty today”. A wave of confusion covered my face and before responding I looked down to see a little boy no older than 5. I quickly discovered from the newly shaven head and hairless eye brows that he carried the devil disease, cancer. My tears took over my words and I became speechless; pushing all my energy forward to force a smile. Without hesitation he said; “its ok don’t cry”. Everything that was once important to me vanished into the sparkle in that little boys eyes. He proceeded to tell me he was grocery shopping with his Papaw and they were picking up some treats. Our conversation did not last long but that little boy remained in my heart the rest of that day.

That grocery store moment pushed me off my chair of selfishness. I was busy counting away the seconds of the day hoping to soon see 5 o’clock, and this little boy was doing the opposite. He was cherishing each second he had and that smile never seemed to fade away. This was just another Thursday for me and now the day is a memory. I never know what this internship is going to present me with, but now I know to always expect the unexpected.