advise: what not to say to a bride

September 28, 2011

found this list given from a bride compliments of  and thought worth sharing!

1. I’m invited to the wedding, right? Or even better…I’m gonna be a bridesmaid, right?

I have heard both of these, and they both took me by surprise. I was left with a deer-in-the-headlights stare and somehow stumbled my way out of it. I totally understand that people are excited for you and they want to be there to share your day, but it puts the bride in a really awkward position, especially if you aren’t close friends.

2. Your ring is so cute!

OK, your bunny is cute, your new cardigan is cute, Hello Kitty is cute, but my ring is not cute. We can’t all have two-carat sparklers on our fingers, but I like my ring very much, thank you.

3. Anything about why she shouldn’t get married

I never really understood this. A bride is planning one of the most exciting days of her life, and in the midst of best wishes and congratulations you hear a voice shouting, “Don’t do it!” Most of the time it comes from men thinking that they are being funny, but it gets old real fast.

4. I know you have a small venue, but would it be OK if I brought my friend?

Bonus points if you have never met said friend before.

And last, but not least…

5. Do you have a baby in your belly?

Oh yes, my friends, I heard this special nugget yesterday from one of my first-graders. She did follow it up by saying that it’s probably a really cute baby but, nevertheless, I was horrified. I don’t think I really need to explain why this is something you shouldn’t say…haha.

What crazy things have you heard while wedding planning?