advise: how to start the wedding process

July 18, 2011

If any bride was to meet me the first time and ask my advise on how to get started with the wedding process, my two immediate pieces of advise would be 1. let your dress guide you into the occasion and feel of the big day and 2. find a photographer you love that will capture you day elegantly regardless of your budget. The day might not be as grandiose as you would like, but if the images are caught in that light, that is what will stay with you for years to come….let me elaborate on this a little more.


Say Yes to the Dress:

When you are looking at dresses, think about your wedding day. Are you having a garden, ballroom, or beach wedding? You are going to feel a bit out of place in a completely crystal beaded dress with a beach theme. I am all about a good contrast of elements and it can be done creativity, but i would be lying if i didn’t say it’s harder to work around. Also think about the time of year. We don’t want you having a heat stroke because its a June wedding and you are wearing 10 lbs of tool.

Photographer for life:

When speaking to photographers about weddings and clients, the thing I hear most is the fact that they really want the couple to love them, and have a good working relationship. If you don’t like your photographer, you won’t enjoy the pictures and will be bitter for years. On the other hand, when you love the photographer and they shot they wedding with your personality and interest in mind, you will be holding those images for life along with booking that photographer for ¬†all your upcoming family portraits as well. It can be one of the longer relationships you have with someone from the wedding and will spend almost as much time with them as you would your planner. They are also one of the only parts of the wedding that will last after the big day, so spend the time in the begining picking someone you adore.

Happy Monday Brides and Brides-to-be!