Adding Some Color Into Your Day: Out With The Old & In With The New!

February 23, 2012

Spring is approaching and we’ve got the inside scoop! Last spring the premiere color trends according to Bridal Beauty were soft greens and light yellows.  These colors were an excellent way to implement simplicity and elegance into your special day. However, 2012 has new plans!

We all know that choosing a color theme depends on many variables, such as, the season or even just the personal preference of the bride and groom! However, I am just trying to steer you guys in the right direction, so that the color decision you choose, will be the right one! The Weddingtipster suggests five different color schemes that are trending for spring 2012. I found these two to be the most popular for Charleston, South Carolina.

Watermelon, Honeysuckle and Tangerine

  • These bright, warm colors will add enthusiastic energy to transcend through all the guests of your wedding. The color blend of sweet watermelon, honeysuckle and tangerine will truly highlight the natural colors of spring in the South!

Nudes and Blush

  • This fabulous combination couldn’t be more divine! Adding soft nude tones, while providing a romantic hype with hints of blush, allow for the wedding to truly come alive. These two embellished colors will hone in on Charleston’s historic roots, by providing a vintage feel for any reception or ceremony! (Photo from: )