A Father’s Blessing

July 9, 2013

A city as well known as Charleston, South Carolina knows the importance of expressing its southern charm and tradition. Growing up in the South these traditions become a natural part of your daily routine. For us Southerners do not think twice about saying Yes Ma’am or Yes Sir for those words are embedded in our brains, and at the dinner table our water is sweet tea. These small traditions seem to prepare the new generations for the larger traditions. One of those large traditions being; asking the father of the women you love for her hand in marriage. This tradition does not only hold a strong source of respect but it symbolizes the commitment of your relationship. Until this day, her father was the only true man in her life, and now he has to remember his childhood rules of sharing. Asking for the father’s blessing and his daughter’s hand in marriage will remain a strong respected Southern tradition.¬†¬†This is an important tradition, a rite of passage, and a bonding experience between you and your future father-in-law. Plus, most women agree this is a sweet gesture, and they could not accept it any other way. Little traditions have huge impacts on the choices and decisions you face through your journey of life, and even marriage.

I’ll say “I Do” if my father does too

My husband, and our little girl. <3

Ali and her dapper dad walking down the aisle.