A Brides Buffet

July 16, 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but shoes come in a close second. When you are having a “fat” day and you need a little retail pick me up; typically us women head straight to the shoe store. For a shoe holds the golden label of one size. You are never stuck in the battle of between sizes or a weekend binge of gaining 10 pounds. A shoe is your comfort food. It rarely changes sizes on you and your eyes are trained to search for one size through the boxes of treasures in the store.  A shoe store is a buffet; full of a variety of options. You have your high heels, date night shoes, formal shoes, club shoes, a stroll around the city shoes, flats, work shoes, and tennis shoes. The list can go on and on but every shoe reflects our mood and occasion. Brides are learning to incorporate their favorite shoes into their wedding. There are no rules for your feet on your wedding day. Deciding your shoes allows the bride to add some of her style to her long white dress. The brides shoes can be as colorful as adding a “something blue” to their wedding or kicking back to their country roots and wearing cowboy boots. Let your feet celebrate your big day even if they are hiding under that beautiful dress. Shoes are a box of chocolates; we have endless selections and we won’t gain a pound.


Such a pretty #wedding photo with the bride's gorgeous gown, lovely sunflowers, and fun cowboy boots! From  Photo Credit:


A bride getting assistance with her fabulous blue #Louboutins.