Turning An Umbrella Upside Down!

March 29, 2012

You might be thinking, “What on earth are you talking about?” I promise I am not leading you into a state of uncertainty about your wedding theme! Have you ever considered hanging various umbrellas’ upside down alongside a set of streaming lights? Well, after finding this inspiring photograph from A Story Board Wedding, a brilliant concept came to the mind!

The Upside-Down Wedding! For example, the save the date cards act as the first impression your guests have for the wedding day! So, you want to make them stand out! After discussing the upside-down theme with Lindsey, the perfect photograph idea came to mind! Hanging upside down from the dock swings of Charleston’s Pineapple Fountain pier, while stealing a kiss from your groom just as the camera flashes! Guests will have only excitement for what is to come for your special day!

This is one of the many unique, creative and fun inspiring ideas culminating here at Tiger Lily!