Thanksgiving DIY: Found objects

November 11, 2015

Holiday season can be overwhelming ~ baking, shopping, hosting parties, going to parties, traveling, its

really never ending. The to-do lists  multiply this time of year! Well you can relax when its your turn

to host this year! Here are some great simple tips to create a beautiful tablescape, without breaking the


Time to forage, to the backyard we go! Grab a basket and hit it! Look for various rich green broad

leafs, dainty feathery foliage and berries of any sort. Especially this time of year, all the trees have

turned and the foliage are golden, deep burgundy’s, rust tones, absolutely gorgeous! Eye catching!

Don’t forget the pine cones! Gather a few of different sizes and we can incorporate into the tablescape.

gayla gathering DIY found

Since we are creating a tablescape, don’t forget to set the table. Playful printed napkins are the perfect accent. We

created a napkin accent for each place setting by printing on natural cardstock “Give Thanks.” They were

wrapped around each napkin with a yellow billy ball accent for each guest to enjoy. Anchored by a solid

subtle green dinner plate, and a rattan natural charger.



gourds Collage


Designing the table, in most cases, can be done 2-3 days before the party! No, kidding!

Place all your foraged items along the table. Criss-cross the stems when placed on the table to create a

weaved appearance with the larger foliage first. Next add the delicate berries. Stack the decorative

gourds in various shapes and sizes throughout. Add pheasant feathers for the final touch. Don’t forget

the candles! We love candles at different heights, creating a layering effect.






Family and friends will rave! Even pug Henry, just had to take a look at the beautiful table!! As the

sun sets, the candles will start to create that warm amber glow. And if you are running short of time, or need some design assistance, we are always here to assist!