Seasonal Blooms: Tulips

March 5, 2013

Spring has sprung and so has our Holland Tulips! Tulip varieties are so similar; you have to look real close to see the difference between all the varieties. Most commonly used, are the Dutch tulips. Dutch tulips are slightly shorter than the other varieties. Traditional in shape and size and available in a large color palette. Fringe Tulips are like no other tulip. The petals are fringed on all the edges. Colors are limited. Parrott tulips have feather like petals. Parrott tulips have a long stem length than Dutch tulips. Colors are limited. Double Tulips are large double petalled with long lasting blooms. Colors are limited. French Tulips are long stemmed and have the largest tulip head. They are available in several colors.
Because tulips are heat sensitive, we typically only recommend using these during the cooler months for any outdoor events. However they still work fabulous for personal flowers and reception pieces. When bunched together them create a stunning white and green Parrot tulips bouquet.
For a modern, sleek clean look, submerge tulip stems inside of a clear glass vessel. If you really wanted a summer chic feel, keep the bulbs on the tulips and submerge inside of a glass vessel, finished with pea gravel. For tall centerpieces, collection of the large French Tulips spraying out of a glass vase creates a waterfall effect. They look gorgeous on their own, clustered in a bunch. Or mix them in with multi-flower bunches. Whether it’s a formal ballroom affair, or a backyard rehearsal dinner, these beauties are perfect! Tulips are indeed timeless!